Best Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas

Best Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas

Your kitchen counters are the focal point of the kitchen, but they are much more than just basic surfaces. Counters need to be practical, durable, and accessible, but they can also bring flair and personality to your kitchen. Which are the best kitchen countertop design ideas to meet your family’s needs and create a space to reflect your style that you will love for many years?

Considerations for Kitchen Countertops

There are so many options for different types of kitchen countertops, it can be overwhelming to choose. When investigating a range of countertops, consider…

  • Material – Kitchen countertops are available in a range of different materials, including wood, ceramic tile, quartz, granite, marble, laminate, and solid surface. More unique materials include concrete, soapstone, and even metals such as copper and stainless steel. Glass and recycled glass countertops are also available.

  • Color – A whole rainbow of countertops is available, from white, beige, and cream to gray, black, bronze, and even bold blues, greens, reds, and yellows. Consider the textures and inclusions in different colors, such as speckling and veining, as well as the sheen or gloss that may set off the countertop’s color. When choosing color, also consider how the countertops will contrast or coordinate with the flooring, walls, and cabinetry.

  • Shape and Corners – Kitchen countertops can be molded, cut, or carved into different shapes, and corners may be square, beveled, or rounded to varying degrees. Similarly, the counter edges can also have different shapes, from full curves to square edges and other shapes in between. Raw edges are another option for wooden or stone countertops, and add a natural element and organic feel to the countertop.

  • Durability – Consider the stresses your countertops will be put through when deciding on their design. Different materials are more resistant to stains, spills, scratches, or chips, and also note whether the material may discolor over time if exposed to direct sunlight from nearby windows. Note how often you use the counters, and whether you may be prone to dropping dishes or if children or pets may treat countertops more harshly.

  • Maintenance – All countertops will require regular maintenance to keep looking their best. Different materials need different care, which could include polishing, sealing, oiling, staining, or complete resurfacing depending on their wear or any incidental damage. Taking note of these care needs can help you choose a countertop you can keep looking new for years.

  • Sustainability – In today’s conscientious society, sustainability is a great attribute for any home renovation materials. Some countertops are more sustainably sourced than others, and also consider the business practices of a contractor or handyman to install new kitchen countertops if this is a key concern. Locally sourcing materials can not only be more sustainable, but can also help reduce project costs, and recycled materials are another great sustainable choice.

  • Cost – Kitchen countertops are generally priced per square foot of space, and may range from less than $5 to more than $150 per square foot. The total cost will not only depend on the amount of material necessary for the countertops, but also the project’s complexity and the labor required for installation.

Unique Kitchen Countertop Features

Once you have considered different aspects of kitchen countertops and narrowed down your selection, you can also add some personality to the countertops with integrated features. While sinks are the most commonly integrated accessory, other options can add even more function and style to the countertop. Some of the most popular kitchen countertop design features include…

  • Slight slants and grooves adjacent to the sink for a drainboard
  • Continuous backsplash of the same countertop material
  • Built-in ceramic cooktop or other type of range
  • Desk or work niche with the same countertop material
  • Wraps around the sides or to the floor for a “waterfall” style
  • Hidden trash can, compost bin, or scrap bin
  • Pop-up charging station for plugs or USB ports
  • Wireless charging points for different devices
  • Extension to provide additional countertop space when needed

These features can be valuable additions to any kitchen countertop, and can improve the functionality of the space to make the project even more worthwhile.

Choosing Your Best Kitchen Countertop Design

Renovating kitchen countertops can be a big project, and one that should last for years. By carefully considering different materials, designs, and other features, you can choose a countertop style that will work best for your kitchen and your family’s needs. Before making your final decision, consider bringing samples of finishes, colors, and materials into your kitchen space to see how they will look in your home and with your exact lighting, and take time with the choice. Also bear in mind whether the house may be sold in the future, and whether updated kitchen countertops will help contribute to that sale.

New kitchen countertops can be a great way to refresh your kitchen space and add more personality and functionality to the room. While it can seem overwhelming to choose a new kitchen countertop design, careful consideration can help you make the best choice for your kitchen and how you will use it in the years to come.